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The City of Raleigh (IT + Office of Budget) has released a beta version of its first interactive Budget Visualization on May 19, 2015. This web application makes it easier to explore how your tax money is spent, both normal operating budgets and special capital projects. City of Raleigh employees built off of an earlier open source prototype from a Code for Asheville and City of Asheville collaboration, but there a lot of improvement that can still be done.

We are seeking feedback from ALL Raleigh citizens. This is your data. Your Raleigh. We need feedback, so let us know what you think!

Also, for all you web developers and fellow civic geeks out there, we are looking for your support to help us make this application better— more mobile responsive, more engaging for citizens, more useful for neighborhood advocates! We have a backlog. We need your help.

Project Activity

Update #1

  • Released new budget data into the site June 16
  • Cleaned up repo
  • Ready for folks to take feature augmentation

Posted on by Adam Martin