New Project: Civic App For Finding Flu Shots

Announcing The Flu Shot Finder App for North Carolina. A map-based web application that helps users find nearby clinics offering free flu shots by entering in their address or by using a GPS-enabled mobile device.

The open source Flu Shot Finder App web application was originally developed by Tom Kompare in partnership with the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH).

In October 2014, Code for Raleigh in partnership with the North Carolina Innovation Center launched a forked version by Socrata hosted on OpenShift by RedHat.

Governor McCory and members from his cabinet, including Dr. Wos, Secretary of Health and Human Services, had the opportunity to meet the Raleigh Brigade Captains at the North Carolina Innovation Center to learn more about civic hacking and see a live demonstration of the Flu Shot Finder application.

The goal is to develop a single web/mobile application for use by all North Carolina citizens and facilities providing access to flu shot vaccinations. Code for Raleigh is looking for statewide partnership with civic minded groups from Charlotte, Cary, Durham, Raleigh through the Code for America Brigade network. The partnership would include major stakeholders from Health and Human Services Agencies to provide timely data.

The Data

The NC Flu Shot Finder Application is powered by open data hosted on the Code for Raleigh Open Data Portal.

Call to Action

  1. Support from all North Carolina Brigades crowdsourcing data from different reliable sources listing flu shot facility locations within the state.
  2. Support and sponsorship from the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to help our effort for identifying sources of information and provide communication with participating agencies across the state.

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