Code for North Carolina Platform Update #1

Brigade Forum Software: Code for NC Discourse

What? Who?

The Code for NC Discourse forum platform ( is designed and intended for all North Carolina CfA Brigades to utilize for discussion and collaboration.


We want to break down the natural communication silos each Brigade develops to encourage regional and statewide collaboration. We also want to reduce the friction and redundancy with the efforts required for standing up tools by each Brigade.


The Code for NC Discourse platform is powered by open source Discourse hosted on AWS and supported by Code for Raleigh. AWS is funded by CfA credits. Code for Raleigh is acting as the system administrator and owner of the domain account.

Organized by Brigades

Each Brigade is organized by categories:



Anyone in the public (members/ gov folks/ hackers) from all Brigades can create accounts at and subscribe to thier specific Brigade through the use of categories. Creating accounts is easy through Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Github authentication.

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Posted on by Reid Serozi