Where's my school bus Update #3

Great jump start to the Where's my school bus project tonight.

We had Jim Scarboroug­h, Jason Draper, Kheang Lim, John Skarbek, and myself huddled around a TV with Drapper at the helm coding, debugging, and finally making a fake school bus appear in Boston.

What we did tonight:

  • Downloaded the app and got it running locally to display a location.
  • Added several issues to GitHub queue, see: https://github.com/codeforraleigh/wmsb/issues

Next items to work on:

Must do: Need review of Drapper's pull request by another developer.

  • Configure where the map starts
  • Specify fake data in development
  • Fake login for test / Need real credentials
  • i18n

Open questions

  • Need to get real data / understand how the data will be delivered from WCPSS

Posted on by Jason Hibbets